When A Woman Lets Go of Her Fears

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Cheryl Brodersen
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Fear in a woman’s life can be controlling, deceptive, and downright crippling.  Even as a Christian woman from a well-known family of pastors and Christian leaders, Cheryl Brodersen knew this kind of fear and hated the control it had over her world.  Growing up, she often felt the scrutiny and judgment of people around her and this just added to the fear.  Wanting to hide away from everyone, she realized fear was determining her decisions and life direction.

In the midst of the pain God spoke to Cheryl’s heart and she began a beautiful journey toward freedom. As she understood His word more deeply she saw what it meant to walk in the light—full of confidence and trust in God and His goodness. As a gifted Bible teacher, Cheryl takes readers on an eye-opening and heart-filling study of what the Bible says about fear and how to overcome it, helping women find true faith and the peace that comes from leaving fear behind.