When A Woman Chooses to Forgive

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Cheryl Brodersen
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Are you experiencing God’s great gift of a life lived in forgiveness? Does your heart know how to forgive someone when trust has been broken? And when your actions hurt others, do you seek forgiveness?

Cheryl Brodersen, author of When a Woman Lets Go of the Lies and daughter of Calvary Chapel founder Pastor Chuck Smith, reveals the transformation you’ll experience when you learn why and how to forgive someone. With inspiring stories, biblical teaching, and a compassionate perspective, she explores:

  • how to trust God’s forgiveness
  • why unforgiveness takes a toll on your body, spirit, and mind
  • how anger and regret can be replaced by freedom and joy
  • how grace transforms thoughts, choices, and relationships
  • the breakthrough you need to forgive yourself, God, and others

Discover the beauty of life without regrets and doubt. Choose to forgive and choose to move forward in the great adventure God has for you.

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