Humor Me

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But seriously … do you want to communicate clearly and keep people really listening to everything you say? Humor can bridge that gap! Through personal life experiences and self-deprecating wit, Joel charms and disarms the reader while teaching the foundational principles of humor in an easy-to-understand way. He uses comedy to grab the reader’s attention all while imparting principles that can be learned and applied to teaching, preaching, and communicating confidently.


In Humor Me, you will:

•             Uncover what makes something funny

•             Gain practical tools for growing in humor

•             Learn how to add humor to your message and your life

•             Make spiritual connections between humor and evangelism

•             Discover a new perspective on life, God, and eternity


JOEL TURNER has served as a youth pastor, an itinerant preacher and evangelist, and is currently the senior pastor of Mountain Springs Calvary Chapel..

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